Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Primrose character costume parade

Lily in her book character costume parade last month. Lily was "Fancy Nancy."

This is her best friend Taylor. Taylor came to play at our house last Saturday while Camille and Daddy were gone camping. The girls had a blast and Lily pouted terribly when she had to leave!!!

YMCA campout last weekend with Daddy

Camille at evening ceremonies beating the drum.

Camille's catch! She's going to need a new fishing pole because her other broke.

Even though it was a bit cold, they couldn't keep the girls out of the water.

Ready for the "Screamer." Camille swung back and forth like a pendulum by a cable from a tall pole. Eeek!

Zip line!

Don't their ropes look like hair braids? The gear was heavy!

Dizzy Daddy pulling Camille to victory in a wagon race after spinning around 50 times with his head on a bat. Matt said the tracks were like a zig zag!

Coming out of the water slide:)

Bluebonnets 2011

Camille and Lily in the bluebonnets! Too bad I didn't bother to have them change into some photo-worthy clothes. The picture of them together was the last picture taken, after which Lily refused to be cooperative at all. She had a tantrum saying Camille was "touching" her and "hurting her hair." I guess it was the end of a long day for Lily:)

Monday, February 28, 2011

February gymnastics meet

Camille had a wonderful time at her February gymnastics meet. She was just all smiles! She fell off the beam during her performance. I asked her if it was because she was nervous. She said "No...I was just scared because there were A LOT of people watching!"

Camille is holding a big lolly pop because these were given in the place of medals for the "Lolly Pop Meet."

Father-Daughter Dance

Matt said Camille was hard to photograph at the dance because she was contantly playing with her friends. The dance was at the Dallas Arboretum. Lily and her little friend Harper were inseparable and full of energy.

more pictures

Cute Dresses from Grandma!

Camille loves to have Archie on her lap. I guess Archie was helping Camille practice piano.

February Snow

Yes, I know it's been FOREVER since I've posted to the blog. I almost forgot how!

Here are some fun snow pictures from our big February snow. We had a fun day building a snow fort and playing in the snow!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Matt's July birthday

Though Matt's 34th birthday won't go down in history as his happiest birthday since it unfortunately coincided with the death of Matt's uncle Robert Reid, we tried to make the best of it. The girls made him Mickey/Minnie characters from Sculpie clay in excitement of our upcoming vacation. They also helped make his cake, including the valentine's day heart sprinkles on top.

Summer dance class

Here is a late picture from Camille and Lily's summer dance class performance. Lily wasn't interested in wearing her props during the clown themed show. Camille was really got into the dancing. Lily just has a good time where ever she goes (except when it comes to wearing an itchy paper hat and stinky clown nose:)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Sports!

Sorry it's taken me months to get this blog updated!
Camille and Lily having fun with the sprinkler.
We had to have swimming lessons homework time in the bathtub time on night. A small bribe was effective in getting them to overcome fear of putting their faces in the water. Now after 3 weeks of lessons they are swimming like little fish in the shallow end! Camille now says swimming is her favorite thing to do in the world:)

End of Kindergarten!

Camille with her friends Tatum, Julia, and Emma H.

Camille with her friend Ainsley.
Camille with Emma G. and Gareth.

Camille with her teacher Ms. Muller.


Camille and Lily both had a great time at vacation bible school this year. I taught in Lily's class, and the kids were a lot of fun. The theme was Saddle Ridge Ranch, and the kids all liked the cowboy stuff and songs. We brought Camille's friend Madison with us for the week, and they had a blast together. She got to play at our house for the afternoons too.

Despite what the wagon photo appears, Lily was not scared of the wagon. She loved it. She was just mad that we made her come back to take a picture! What a little stinker!!


It's hot outside, but Camille and Lily love to spend time at the Dallas Arboretum. They have had exhibits with the Beatrix Potter stories, and they are so adorable! Camille and Lily love an adventure, and finding Mr. McGreggors garden required a 2nd day trip to the Arboretum.

We followed this real rabbit around trails, and it was very exciting to Camille and Lily. He was our real life Peter Rabbit.

Spring arrived!--May 2010

These mallard ducks came to our front yard in the mornings and we fed them a few times while waiting for Camille's school bus. They were timid at first, but not for long. I would bet these are the same ducks that were searching around our yard during that last snow storm. Then the other day (June 26th) I pulled the car out of our garage and looked back to see a tiny baby duck running into the garage. He was chirping away. I took pictures with my phone but I have to figure out how to get those on the blog. I ended up taking him to the side yard and letting him go in the shade. The girls were very excited! I hope he found his parents, but it's not like we could raise a duck in the back yard! I have no idea where the nest is.

We went out with my dad on his boat and the girls had a great time swimming. Lily was nervous but really wanted to go. They were so cute.

Spring is fun.
Camille and Lily love to eat outside.